Jaw dropping moment, still can’t believe it

After last weeks massive sun flares, polar lights were predicted for the weekend. Even down to central Europe. I first saw a glimmer at 10 PM and instantly took a photo with my phone in night mode. That was the jaw dropping moment. Did I really witnessed polar lights for the first time in my life? The whole photo had a violet glow on it.
I instantly went up, set up my DSLR and took some more pictures out of the roof top window. Amazing. I frequently checked the situation throughout the next hours.
Around 1 AM the whole sky was glowing and those typical “columns” were visible by naked eye. Awesone! I grabbed my gear and went out to have a wider view and less light polution. This is what I got. Happy with the outcome and another tick off my bucket list: polar lights.


Winter lights

After a few years break, I went to the annual “winter lights” event at the ega-park again this winter. I mean, it was in winter time but it did not feel like winter. At least on that day.
Lovely to see how the event spreads more and more over the park with every year. Almost the whole park was being illuminated by various light installations and animations.

As it was an unusual mild day, it had been a comfortable walk through the park with enough patience to find beautiful details. And some delicious Thuringian street food of course. Haven’t eaten a Bratwurst since months at that time.



Stairway to heaven

An absolute highlight on Madeira. The well known “stairway to heaven”. Again I was really lucky with the weather that day. And again with not having others around me. This spot gets heavily crowded around sunrise as it is part of the PR1 hiking trail between Pico do Arieiro and Pico Ruivo. Many hikers use the magical light from the upcoming sun to start their hike.


There is no bad weather for biking

…you are just beneath the clouds.
Taken on an amazing down country ride around and down from Pico do Ariero. For my second bike ride on Madeira, I chose an organized tour. This had the benefit of leaving urban areas without getting exhausted. Nature around Funchal starts at 1000m above sea level or you have to travel to a different spot on the island.


I got shuttled up to 1300m where an amazing ride begun. A nice cross country ride up to 1600m around Pico do Ariero followed by an endless trail ride down to Funchal. I wish I had chosen a fully for that part of the jouney. Or at least a proper air fork. The bike I had was horrible on the technical parts. Anyway, the view and the fun were priceless. Absolutely stunning experience.