This photo was taken in downtown Faliraki. 

Faliraki shares the fate of other tourist towns. Transformed from a fishing village into a conglomerate of taverns, pubs, night clubs and shops full of junk goods. Almost dead at day and shiny and funky at night times. Surrounded by hotels, full of tourists. It is pretty much the same as what I have seen in Loutraki, which hosted the Acropolis Rallye in the last years. Completely different to the small villages we found in Attika or on the Peleponnes. Anyway – still Greece, still sunny!

The photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.


Heading for Rhodes City

On the way to downtown Rhodes on a nice and warm afternoon. In some parts public transport on Rhodes reminds me on public transport of my hometown Jena in the late 1980 GDR times. Not air conditioned high-floor busses, open windows and warm air draughts through the vehicle while the low sun shines in your face. The engine roars under the hot floor and you can feel every vibration coming through. Driving like crazy, the driver does not even stop before opening the doors when approaching a bus stop. The air pressured doors are opening undamped with a loud clash. In some busses it felt like time traveling back into my childhood. And it felt like summer. Already miss it!

The photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.


Here’s to the greekophiles

Here’s to the greekophiles… was on my annual trip to Mythos country a few days ago. But this time not alone! Missed WRC and dust a bit. Anyway – back into the summer!
Some personal statistics: 
1st ever non business flight with an already known sleeping place.
1st flight to Greece with having a toilet available during the stay!
My first flight was operated by a 737 classic, her’s was a 737 too. (yay, old enough to have been witnessed a 737 classic operated flight)