Erfurt Christmas Market – the other side

Not sure if you have ever heard of the Erfurt Christmas market. Main reason why it is that popular in this region is the magnificent background, provided by the impressive cathedral and the chuch next to it. Both are located on a hill with the Christmas market at its feet.

If you saw a guy with a tripod standing between all the folks there and trying to capture photos – yeah, it was me. Even the long exposure time did not get the photo rid of people standing in the frame.

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Erfurt Christmas Market. (another approach)

I took a similar photo in December 2011 (link). Last time i placed the camera on one of the steps which lead up the the Erfurt cathedral. This time I went there on purpose, carrying a tripod with me. I probably will do that again once we see snow at the christmas market. Anyway a nice outcome of that activity.

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Still snowy.

Took this one in the early morning a few weeks ago. Can’t remember exactly about my thoughts at that moment but I guess I just was frustrated about the ongoing appearance of snow. I like the backlight situation and the resulting long shadows 

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.


Urban summer

During my stay at the baltic Sea, I made a short trip to the city of Greifswald. Haven’t been there for ages. I was not even in school when I visited it the last time.

t was a nice surprise. Many young people, a nice and historic city centre and some nice looking bars and restaurants. It seems to have that typical flair of a university city like my hometown Jena.

After having a coffee break on a boat on the nearby river I went back to the town square and I found this guy playing awesome folk music to the audience sitting in the restaurants around the square. On a summer day. In the late afternoon. Loved it!

The photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.