Thuringian Forest

Quite a nice view on the Thuringian Forest. Not so impressive as seen in real, but the nice looking sky compensates this ;)
The photograph was done from a ridge on the southwestern end of the Thuringian plain which is located in front of the Thuringian Forest – the so called “Riechheimer Berg” (which is next to Hohenfelden where the famous Highfield-Festival takes place).
The photo location has an absolute altitude of 475m. The plain in front of the Mountains is sloping down to 280m, while the mountains on the horizon are up to 982,9m (Großer Beerberg)

On the left side you can see the valley of the river Ilm. The small mountains between center and left side are the “Reinsberge” near Arnstadt. Far away and in the center of the photograph are the highest mountains of the Thuringian Forest. And on the right edge is the “Inselsberg” shown, which is one of the prominentest mountains in Thuringia.