Mount Lee

Standing in front of the Griffith Observatory, which is sitting on the south-facing slope of Mt. Hollywood, and having a look in north western direction to Mount Lee and the famous Hollywood sign on its southern slope.
As ugly as some parts of L.A. are, Griffith Park seems to be a nice place to spend time. More time than I had on this trip.

2012 Travel Review

Before continuing with more shots from southern California I just would take the opportunity to wrap up my 2012 travel experience. According to my Flightdiary I spend 3.5 days aboard airplanes in 2012. Only 2 flights more than the year before but with 6 longhaul flights and more than 40k miles I have earned the Frequent Traveller status from Lufthansa. I think I will not take any benefit from this as the express lines are unuseful when having a 2.5 hours trip to get to the airport. You have to calculate with extra time so you will always have enough time at the airport. But I really like the package I got from Lufthansa. On the last flights with them I had the feeling that as an Economy passenger you have to be grateful to be allowed to join this flight.
The silver card comes in a clean white box together with personal luggage badges and a stylisch paper clip. Nothing special but I really like the minimalistic and clean look of the package.

Allthough I’m employed directly in California now, I don’t believe to spend a similar amount of time aboard airplanes in 2013.