2018 travel has begun, I was on Mars lately. Okay, not really (sadly). Still on earth but a new environment to me – desert. And I put my feet on a continent I haven’t been before: Africa!


Okay, sounds more dramatic as it was. Decided to enjoy the benefits of summer while having winter in Germany and went to Egypt for a week. As you might know, there is a large conglomerate of package tourism hotels in Hurghada, so no idea of how egyptian this part of Egypt is. Anyway, a full week of 30°C is nothing I would complain about. 

That’s it. 2017.

Oops! I just wanted to start the 2018 photo series when recognizing, there is still a draft from summer 2017. Lets see it as a belated closing scene of 2017. Another great year with a great summer experience. Lay back, take a breath and relax.


2018 is in planning. Some things are fixed. Others are in the making. Looking forward to another great time.