The Great Rain Reef

This years trip to the Baltic Sea was different to the years before: rain, cold wind, rain, rain and rain. Switching to the indoor program, we went to Stralsund to visit the German Maritime Museum. I place where I have been the last time when I was at the age of my daughter. And they have a giant fish tank with unusual spots to watch from (placed in an artificial reef).


This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Vagabond days

“Der See ist doch gemalt
so wie im Märchen steht der Wald
und der Himmel muss ein Fotofilter sein”


This song came to my mind when hitting the smooth and quiet lake in the early morning for a kayak trip in the golden sunlight.

FYI: this is not a selfiestick. Taken with a DSLR, mounted on a monopod. Just to clear things up.


The song: Prag – Bis einer geht



Spring 2015, take two

Last week spring has finally arrived! Got a hint on Twitter about a spot with medium high cherry trees in Erfurt. Needed to capture the scene and went there in the later afternoon. When we got there, it seemed we were not the only ones who had that idea. Anyway, we found a spot among the others and took a few pictures.

It looked awesome. Just like a small pink forrest. The perfect location to work with the new Pentacon 29 2.8 lens.