Nice timing! 10 Minutes later than sheduled but perfect for me. Take of from Frankfurt in western direction an heading through the aftermath of a short rain shower. You can see the golden reflection in the river Main.

This is the first picture which has seen a completely new workflow: made as usual with my lovely EOS 400D, then imported, edited and uploaded with the iPad. Except from the upload – everything was done aboard the plane :) (the “social” upload then was done from Dublin Airport). Funny world :)

Sweet Memories

This piece is quite old. I made it a few years ago with a really cheap point & shoot 35mm camera. Film and development was standard supermarket quality. From a technical point of view – nearly the lowest end of what is possible.

I found this photo and thought: Must share!

Eclipsed Sunrise

Since I knew that january 4th’s partial solar eclipse would have already started before sunrise, I had the wish to capture the rising, covered sun on a photo.
This is what I got and I’m quite happy with the result :)