Krämerbrückenfest 2024

It was time again. The anual city festival was held last weekend. As it has become tradition, the merchands bridge (which gives the festival its name) again was decorated with an art project. 1000 colourful paper cranes had been installed between the bridges houses. 

An early morning bike ride was needed to get this shot without people. 


Jaw dropping moment, still can’t believe it

After last weeks massive sun flares, polar lights were predicted for the weekend. Even down to central Europe. I first saw a glimmer at 10 PM and instantly took a photo with my phone in night mode. That was the jaw dropping moment. Did I really witnessed polar lights for the first time in my life? The whole photo had a violet glow on it.
I instantly went up, set up my DSLR and took some more pictures out of the roof top window. Amazing. I frequently checked the situation throughout the next hours.
Around 1 AM the whole sky was glowing and those typical “columns” were visible by naked eye. Awesone! I grabbed my gear and went out to have a wider view and less light polution. This is what I got. Happy with the outcome and another tick off my bucket list: polar lights.



The Kernberge glow in the evening sun while the glorious FC Carl Zeiss Jena is going to beat “the others”


It ain’t artsy but it perfectly sums up a beautiful day. It has been a while since my last presence in the former “Home of the Kaninchen”, named after the inventor of the football stadium, Ernst Abbe.
The team, the weather, the light and 12.500 people created an awesome atmosphere. Even not finished yet, the new EAS makes watching football absolutely enjoyable. I really like what they did there.