Little Trabant adventures

Sorry for not posting lately. I somehow got lost in social media. Posting on Instagram and then I forget to post it here. Should think about using IFTTT to streamline such activities.

Not that spectacular right now, as winter has come and we got plenty of snow here as well. But the little Trabant has been with me at Weißsee Gletscherwelt last summer. Hopefully its journey will continue.

The little Trabant adventure continues.

I took this picture on the last evening of this years trip to Sardegna. Again, it was great journey! This evening reflects the whole trip. Sitting on a beach and enjoying the warm wind, the sunset and and the crystal water of the Mediterranean Sea. While having a wine of course.

Little Trabant adventures

Something different in between the rallye action pics. I took a model of a Trabant 601 with me and thought it would be fun to involve it in my photography on random occasions.


Btw: Jan Kopecky is passing by with his brand new Skoda Fabia R5 in the background. Taken on SS23 – Cala Flumini 2.