Conrod power plant

Taken on a short hike around Ziegenrück. Lake Hohenwarte with former “Conrod” powerplant, which became useless after the damn has been built. (finally it is being renovated)

An awesome “playground” when I was a kid. Now it is owned and access isn’t allowed. (not sure if it was when I was a kid, but in the reunification aftermath, nobody cared)

Highway sunset

Time to start posting some photos I made in the last couple of months. Phone and hard drive contain pictures I have not posted yet. Always wanted but forgot later to do.

This one was taken on the ride back home from Frankfurt after having been to Sardegna. In my eyes the perfect picture to close such a trip.

Also a good example about how far development of phone cameras and also mobile editing software has gone.

ISS is passing

Another advantage of lake Hohenwarte is relative darkness at night. At least compared to the urban area where I am usually living. The number of visible stars is almost breathtaking. I tried to capture the milky way but it did not work out well. So i focussed on one of the daily ISS passes over central Europe. I think I can live with that.