Winter lights

After a few years break, I went to the annual “winter lights” event at the ega-park again this winter. I mean, it was in winter time but it did not feel like winter. At least on that day.
Lovely to see how the event spreads more and more over the park with every year. Almost the whole park was being illuminated by various light installations and animations.

As it was an unusual mild day, it had been a comfortable walk through the park with enough patience to find beautiful details. And some delicious Thuringian street food of course. Haven’t eaten a Bratwurst since months at that time.



Snow fun

Time goes by too fast. I still haven’t touched alle the photos taken in 2013. I slowly crawl through all of them and will finish them. One day.
On the other hand I’m sometimes not sure in which way the different pictures I take should be published. Traditional way is to shoot with the camera, develop them on a computer (or in a lab in between) and publish them here first and sharing them on social media afterwards. But today, I photograph all that daily stuff with a smartphone and puplish the result instantly. If they have an art character, they will appear on Instagram first and maybe Twitter and Facebook afterwards. As I don’t use it frequently, most photos will not appear on Google+ or Tumblr. And the platforms I like most are completely bypassed by my smartphone photography: This website, DeviantArt and Flickr.
As already done on the posts before, I will repost particular photos of my Instagram stream here as well.
This photo here was taken on the way to Oberhof in December last year. The only snow I have seen this winter and we went there for an afternoon in the snow. Was fun!