One of hundreds of narrow streets in the village of Lindos/Rhodes. An example for the beauty of this place, All the white houses, some of them with gardens or restaurants on their roofs, tiny streets, mosaic pavements on some places and visible from nearly every point: the Acropolis in the back.

I guess this place is crowded in mid season which may lead to a stressfull trip. But end of October things calm down and the few visitors spread in the streets. It is not that hard to find a quiet place to enjoy the atmosphere.


Ever tried to think about Greece without getting a pic of columns in your mind? Impossible for me. Ancient Greek architecture has always been part of my picture about Greece. Being at an archaeological site brings up a question in me: What if this stones could speak about what they have seen in all those years?

I also like the clean visual appearence of Doric columns used for the temples of the Acropolis in Lindos/Rhodes. Here especially in contrast to the straight horizon given by the Mediterranean Sea around.