Not less powerful

Even if the plane is not less powerful than the previously shown Tupolev 144, the plane’s livery in nearly pure white turns out less dramatic in the picture above. The Sinsheim Musuem is the only place in the world where both passenger supersonic airplanes are displayed together. So I took the opportunity to take a similiar photo of the Concorde as well.

Fast and Timeless

If time travel will ever be invented, I would book a flight aboard this plane. This is the timeless late 70s style cabin of the world’s first supersonic passenger airplane, the Tupolev 144. As a boy, grown up in former East Germany, of course I had one of those TU-144 modell contruction kits and it was a need for me to set a foot io this plane one day. As there is one of these jets displayed in Sinsheim/Germany and I was in Heilbronn last weekend, which is just around th ecorner, I had to visit the Museum where it is displayed.