Sunset Jogging

Another photo taken on the Pacific coastline in February this year. I took the picture on the last evening I was in California. I finished all my work in the afternoon and took the opportunity to spend the rest of the day in the Crystal Cove State Park near Laguna Beach. I don’t know exactly how many photos I did – but my whole hard disk is full with sunset pictures taken there. Anyway, sitting in the sand at 25°C (especially in a week with -25°C in central Europe) and staring mesmerised when this big orange ball disappeared in the ocean was breathtaking.
And on this particular photo I really like the jogger crossing the frame. This adds a special note to the picture.

Completely New!

It’s done! After a few weeks of construction work in the background I managed it to release the new photoblog these days. Apparently I currently have a weakness for plain design and lighter colours. Also I really like fonts with serifs, especially when all those new devices and computers get these awesome high resolution displays it looks great even on a display. That’s the short and simple explanation why this site looks like it appears right now.

I also appreciate the possibility to add more and better readable text to images. This allows to explain a bit more or to tell a story behind. A neat thing is that more than only one entry will be displayed on one page. If it annoys you to dive deeper into a website only by clicking from one content to another (like me) you would be happy to read that this issue is fixed now. Hopefully I will be more focussed on categories in the future and add tags to each post. This allows easy browsing through specific content.

Another reason to spend hours on the re-design was the tremendous amount of spam comments I got every day. I think WordPress is better prepared in order to get rid of this problem. Another rad thing connected with this change is, that the site is fully scalable. This means you can browse through the site quite comfortable on your computer, your tablet and your smartphone.

So I hope you will enjoy staying on this blog and crawling through the images – or hopefully drop by once in a while.

Laguna Canyon Road

I still have some more shots taken on my trip to California earlier this year…
First day I had the chance to leave the office early enough to catch some daylight. As Irvine is 10 miles away from the ocean there was only one direction I would go – straight to the Pacific Ocean. For whatever reason this Ocean is kind of magic for me. Maybe because on every map of the world it ends on America’s west coast. Even the day ends somewhere there. Standing on the beach and looking on this Ocean gives me a feeling of real freedom. The last time I have seen this Ocean was in 2005 when I was in Zipolite, Mexico.

Photo was taken on Laguna Canyon Road right after the intersection with San Diego Freeway (I-133, I-405).