Just another sunset

Bored of seeing sunset pictures? Anyway – here is another one taken on Usedom Island. Done in between the remains of bunkers used for storing rocket fuel in the early days of rocket science. (see: Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemuende) Not an honourable reason for the development in those days but at the end this led us to the moon.

Peenestrom Sunset

One thing I had on my list during summer vacation was to get a picture of the sun going down over the backside of the Island. So I grabbed my bike and drove to Peenemünde. Most important thing I have learned at this stage: when biking through all the reed behind the dyke in the evening – keep you mouth closed! (unless you are keen on protein). 

Krumminer Allee

First photograph here taken in my summer vacation this year. This wonderful piece of road is located on the Usedom Island, when driving from the island’s main road to the nice village of Krummin. When I saw this I had to stop for taking a picture. Unfortunately I had to take the photo around noon. Next time I should try it in the golden hour.