An Spidéal

I wanted to take this photograph for 4 years! It did not turn out that well as expected but I was not able to remove the house in front ;)

The small graveyard near Spiddal, a few kilometers away from Galway. Saw this scene every time on my way to the office but something prevented me from doing the photo all the times before.


Nice timing! 10 Minutes later than sheduled but perfect for me. Take of from Frankfurt in western direction an heading through the aftermath of a short rain shower. You can see the golden reflection in the river Main.

This is the first picture which has seen a completely new workflow: made as usual with my lovely EOS 400D, then imported, edited and uploaded with the iPad. Except from the upload – everything was done aboard the plane :) (the “social” upload then was done from Dublin Airport). Funny world :)