Hello Teide!

1200m above sea level. This is the highest point I reached on my bike trips on Gran Canaria this summer. High enough to catch a view over to Tenerife with Mt. Teide. (far in the back of the image)
And high enough to reach another climatic zone. It became green up there.

Imagine the fun riding it all back down to sea level.

Parque Nublo

This trip was from Maspalomas up to Parque Nublo. Roque Nublo almost marks the center of the island of Gran Canaria. As the island has 4 different climatic zones (sea level north and south, mountain area north and south), the goal was to go up to Nublo national park and see a different climatic zone.

The photo was taken on the way back along canyon walls, always the magnificient ocean view ahead.