Griffith Observatory Panorama

This picture is pretty much similar to the previous one and it is not this kind of photographs I usually do. But sometimes you have to look over the fence and try other things. This is a panorama shot taken at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I made 7 pictures with a Tamron 11-18mm lens at 18mm and stitched them afterwards.


You can see the whole Los Angeles Basin from Downtown L.A. on the left till Century City and Santa Monica behind on the right as well as the Pacific Ocean. Also note the Hollywood sign on the far right. A city of an unbelievable size (and I thought Mexico City was big).


I did these photographs a few weeks after Apple has released iOS 6 which brought a panorama function to the iPhone 4S and newer and even it was a few weeks out, you could here this remarkable “beep” of the iPhone’s panorama function everywhere around the observatory. Other phones have a similar function, but when I was there it seemed like everyone was using an iPhone.


So what did I do? I just took the iPhone as well and made panorama photo by using the new function. If you want to see the comparision between a panorama of 7 raw shots where an iMac Core Duo needed several minutes to stitch it and a panorama, taken on a mobile device and ready to use immediately after releasing the shutter – then click here…
(iPhone on top)

City of Angels

Finally I managed to continue my work on the pictures I took in Los Angeles in November last year…
Unfortunately I was at the wrong time at Griffith park. Around noon with bad daylight conditions. Just imagine how this photo would look like if I had done it shortly after sunset. Anyway, one more reason to come back one day.
I really like the field of view from this point: Downtown L.A. on the left hand side and a view to Orange County and Santa Ana mountains on the horizon, Long Beach on the horizon in the middle and the Pacific coastline in the haze on the far right side.

A piece from home

I still have some pictures from California… This one was taken at the eastern dome of the Griffith Observatory. The Telescope as well as the planetrium’s projector are made by Carl Zeiss. It is always nice to see a connection to your hometown – regardless of where you are in the world.

Mount Lee

Standing in front of the Griffith Observatory, which is sitting on the south-facing slope of Mt. Hollywood, and having a look in north western direction to Mount Lee and the famous Hollywood sign on its southern slope.
As ugly as some parts of L.A. are, Griffith Park seems to be a nice place to spend time. More time than I had on this trip.

Griffith Observatory

Not the best daylight time to visit this prominent sight of Los Angeles but sometimes you have to take what you get. Shot this picture on arrival at the Griffith Observatory. When you ever get a chance to visit L.A. and you have a minimal interrest in science – you should go there. Wikipedia link.


And here it is. The ship in all its glory!
Upon arrival in L.A. the first stop was the California Science Center near Downtown to visit the new home of the Space Shuttle Endeavour which opened the week before. For this day all tickets were sold out and I bought tickets for the other Saturday which was originally planned for this and some other sightseeing. This and the photos before were taken there.

Interesting side note: My kindergarten’s name was “Kosmonaut”. 1986 we celebrated the launch of the Mir spacestation as well as the maiden flight of the Buran Orbiter in 1988. Never thought at that time, the first spacecraft I came that close would be a Space Shuttle.

And I’m glad it is the ship which carried a digital picture of my daughter during STS-134 as part of NASA’s Face to Space.