ISS is passing

Another advantage of lake Hohenwarte is relative darkness at night. At least compared to the urban area where I am usually living. The number of visible stars is almost breathtaking. I tried to capture the milky way but it did not work out well. So i focussed on one of the daily ISS passes over central Europe. I think I can live with that.

This one is for symmetry fetishists

On our way back downhill, we were carried by a passenger vehicle mounted on top of a goods platform. (see here) As this car is leveled, it feels like crawling down a wall when looking backwards. As usual, a photo can’t transport that impression very well. Anyway, a good opportunity for me to take this photo. Full of symmetry.

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Mountain rail adventure

Turn your everydays life into small adventures. Thats what we did last weekend. A train ride which felt like going back in time in combination with a short walk through beautiful landscape.

Been started at Erfurt main station, soon a modern hub within the ICE network, and traveling over more and more tight and tiny tracks deeper into Thuringian forest, we ended at the 1922 built “Oberweissbacher Bergbahn” just to continue our journey on a wide (1,80m) but steep track, towed by a cable. Upon the mountain, the ride continued in another old electrical train vehicle on the level track.
After a short walk we ended on “Meuselbacher Kuppe” for having lunch.

Definately worth a trip and I think we will do it again, with a larger hiking part then. This part was shorter this time due to some smaller kids traveling with us.

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

More or less professional solar eclipse footage

As I told you before, everything worked as expected and this is the result of “Plan C”. This old bridge camera does not have an optical view finder and everything is done by two LCD screens. This makes it uncritical to point directly into the sun and have a look in the tiny LCD view finder. The blurry shape of the sun is caused by chromatic aberrations. The downside of super zoom lens. 

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Usefull stuff


Somehow media caught the solar eclipse train to late to bring awareness for solar eclipse glasses into retail business. Among many others I had to choose “Plan B” to observe this years solar eclipse. I’m so glad I could finally benefit from studying 5 semester optics and have built this fancy camera obscura. I also developed “Plan C”, using my old Lumix bridge camera to shoot directly into the sun.

I can tell you: both things worked well!

This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Rhodes port

After all the trips to Greece in the past years, one thing was still missing: a picture of a typical Greek style windmill. Ticked this box with this one. Not in the typical rural area where you would expect windmills. This is one of the three windmills located at the port of Rhodes town. More a mixture of Greek style and tourism style. Anyway, I like the outcome of the picture. Not bad for midday sun.

Not less powerful

Even if the plane is not less powerful than the previously shown Tupolev 144, the plane’s livery in nearly pure white turns out less dramatic in the picture above. The Sinsheim Musuem is the only place in the world where both passenger supersonic airplanes are displayed together. So I took the opportunity to take a similiar photo of the Concorde as well.