The Great Rain Reef

This years trip to the Baltic Sea was different to the years before: rain, cold wind, rain, rain and rain. Switching to the indoor program, we went to Stralsund to visit the German Maritime Museum. I place where I have been the last time when I was at the age of my daughter. And they have a giant fish tank with unusual spots to watch from (placed in an artificial reef).


This photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

This ain’t California

Was not aware that Germany is having its own oil business. I got the hint on Twitter and decided to do a nice bicycle ride through the island’s outback to find the oil pumps on the Gnitz peninsula. Unusual view for Germany. The last time I had a similar view, was in Inglewood/L.A.

The photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Krumminer Allee

Krumminer Allee again. This time on bicycle. I guess there are not many better options to get through the trees here. It was a perfect summer afternoon. And sorry for the blurred vision in the pic. Was not that easy to get the shot done.

The photo was originally puplished on my Instagram account.

Karlshagen Habour Sunset

Sorry for not updating the blog the last weeks. Kinda busy these days. But I’m working to improve my performance here. This photo was taken at Karlshagen habour, after having a delicious dinner in one of the really nice restaurants there.

I have to admit that more and more I’m getting lazy in carrying the DSLR with me. This photo was taken and edited with and iPhone 4S. Incredible how the quality of phone cameras have improved over the last couple of years. Also the post processing on the phone is insane. But this does not mean I will throw the DSLR in the bin. It’s used for the more specific photographs like portraits.

Just another sunset

Bored of seeing sunset pictures? Anyway – here is another one taken on Usedom Island. Done in between the remains of bunkers used for storing rocket fuel in the early days of rocket science. (see: Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemuende) Not an honourable reason for the development in those days but at the end this led us to the moon.

Peenestrom Sunset

One thing I had on my list during summer vacation was to get a picture of the sun going down over the backside of the Island. So I grabbed my bike and drove to Peenemünde. Most important thing I have learned at this stage: when biking through all the reed behind the dyke in the evening – keep you mouth closed! (unless you are keen on protein).