A short snorkeling trip to the reef around the corner went really lucky. A small group of dolphins appeared right next to our boat. They were fooling around and checking us out for a moment and then they disappeared into the sea.


It was a great moment for us. Especially as we did not expect them. Locals told us to not book one of these full day dolphin sighting trips, because its not likely to see them in the northern Red Sea in February.

So we only did a 3 hour trip with the intention of snorkeling on a riff larger than the ones close to the beach. A nice surprise!

Summer 2012


Little ironic view on this year’s summer. Made it during a walk with my daughter through the streets. Last year we had perfect weather before our summer vacation and I was sure the weather wouldn’t last for another 2 weeks and we would face a weather change. An in fact – we had pretty much rain when we were abroad. I expect the same for this year – the other way around.
Btw: I think this is this is the first Instagram picture I’m using in the blog as well. So excuse the quality caused by an old but indestructible iPhone 3G.