Conrod power plant

Taken on a short hike around Ziegenrück. Lake Hohenwarte with former “Conrod” powerplant, which became useless after the damn has been built. (finally it is being renovated)

An awesome “playground” when I was a kid. Now it is owned and access isn’t allowed. (not sure if it was when I was a kid, but in the reunification aftermath, nobody cared)

Vagabond days

“Der See ist doch gemalt
so wie im Märchen steht der Wald
und der Himmel muss ein Fotofilter sein”


This song came to my mind when hitting the smooth and quiet lake in the early morning for a kayak trip in the golden sunlight.

FYI: this is not a selfiestick. Taken with a DSLR, mounted on a monopod. Just to clear things up.


The song: Prag – Bis einer geht