Acropolis of Athens

After sad and/or unlucky circumstances in the past years, this years trip to another WRC event was the first time, where we went as a complete travel group again. Exciting for me, as we finally went back to the Rallye of Gods, the famous Acropolis Rally of Greece. Haven’t been in Attika since 2013, the last event before this rallye got ditched from the WRC calendar.
The first thing we usually do after arrival: grocery shopping and visiting downtown Athens to enjoy the strange atmosphere in that city and going up Philopappou Hill to catch the view over to the Acropolis.


Jaroslav Melicharek

Jaroslav Melicharek
SS16 – Tergu-Osilo
Rally Italia Sardegna 2014

This one was taken on the last stage I visited on this years Rallye di Italia Sardegna. Compared to the previous stages I had seen the days before, it was completely different. Located in a valley near the northern coast of Sardegna, only a few meters above sea level. I found this nice hairpin turn. I think I was quite happy with that spot.