Short final

Again in California and again it was my goal to catch a heavy on short final to LAX. Dream was to get a Quantas A380. But without having ATC or mobile internet the only thing you can do is wait (and I saw the Quantas bird already coming in when I still was on the highway). This time I had plenty of time to visit the famous park at Sepulveda Blvd. to watch the birds coming down on runway 24R. But everything I saw was a big cross on the runway marking it as closed. What a disappointment! So I walked down the road to 24L and got an AA triple seven – unfortunately on the best frame a wingtip is missing. Obviously not my day. So I walked back to the car. On the way back I met another photographer and he gave me the information that the Korean A380 is coming around. So I went back to 24L. Plan was to be at the left wing tip fence position and to catch the beast at 11 mm. Really hard to estimate…
This is what I got and I’m quite happy. Not the 24R position, but still an A380 wide angle picture at LAX. Due to the fact that it was done at 11 mm the plane looks smaller than it is. But have a look on it’s mighty shadow and you will get an impression about the size (front part is only from wing tip to No.1 engine)

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